Home Energy Audit

An energy audit is critical to understanding the sources of energy waste and discomfort in single-family homes, condos, or multi-family buildings. An eZing Energy Audit includes:

  • Interview with client
  • Blower door test to determine overall air leakage and to pinpoint the location and severity of leaks
  • Infrared scan to find out levels of insulation, uncover damage to insulation
  • Evaluation of mechanical equipment for age and efficiency
  • Combustion safety testing for carbon monoxide levels and natural gas leaks
  • Evaluation of windows and doors (glazing and framing type)
  • Analysis of duct system (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive report that summarizes audit results and outlines a detailed action plan that prioritizes and sequences energy improvements to be done based on their cost-effectiveness
  • A list of preferred contractors (HVAC, insulation, and air sealing) to give clients a starting place for making their home more energy efficient.

An eZing Energy Audit typically takes 5-6 hours with two energy analysts. Base prices start at $500.

Energy Consultation

For clients interested in having eZing evaluate a more specific energy issue in their home, eZing offers our Energy Consultation service. An Energy Consultation costs $250 for a 2-hour visit, and $100 for every additional hour on the job. We can visit your home with any or all of our diagnostic tools to focus only on the issues you are concerned with. This service includes a 2-4 page report.

Owner's Representative Service

This service is for clients who would like assistance working with contractors to implement the energy improvements recommended in their energy audit. eZing assists with retrieval of bids, review of contracts, and work scope. We also observe the quality of installation and test its performance once the work has been completed. Prices depend on the scope of the job and are set at a fixed fee.

Energy audit with REM/Rate Analysis

This service includes all the components of our Energy Audit plus a computer analysis using REM/Rate. This additional step computes utility cost reduction and ranks improvements based on economic merit, which helps to prioritize your next steps. Also included are suggestions for improving your lighting and appliances. This service is relevant for housing associations, extensive rehab planning, and documentation for energy improvement financing.

Home Energy Rating

This service provides a Home Energy Rating in compliance with RESNET's Home Energy Rating System (HERS). A HERS rating is a standard measurement of a home's energy efficiency and is required for the following:

This service provides verification of conformance to the standard being pursued.

We can also help clients interested in the Tax Credits for Home Builders; HERS REM/Rate software for energy analysis determines compliance for this credit.

Commercial Services

eZing provides energy services to commercial buildings, including audits and consultations. Please call 708-848-3066 or email us at for additional information.

Mentoring Service

eZing staff, with a combined 40 years of experience in energy auditing and efficiency work and greater than 40 years in building construction will mentor RESNET Energy Rater Candidates who need to complete provisional ratings. Our staff includes three instructors in the Wilbur Wright College Environmental Technology Department. eZing is fully engaged in energy auditing and follow-up project supervision and we would like to extend our experience to those starting out in this fast-growing field. See the following Mentoring Plan. Note: The state reimbursement for rater candidates of $200 per rating ends May 31, 2010.

An eZing energy audit will identify air leaks in your home.
An eZing energy audit will identify the air leaks that may be in your home, such as those shown here.
A blower door depressurizes a house to determine overall air leakage and to pinpoint the location of air leaks.
A blower door depressurizes a house to determine overall air leakage and to pinpoint the location of air leaks.
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