I highly recommend eZing. John and Cheryl came to our old, drafty house and spent the better part of the day thoroughly evaluating the energy (in)efficiency of our home, from attic to basement and every crawlspace in between. They have a ton of experience and use all of it to do their job. They performed a blower door air leakage test, went around with an infrared camera, and used another device to detect air leaks throughout the house. They mark the air leaks with color-coded tape for reference. They also evaluated our boiler, doors, windows, etc. At the end of the day they compiled a very comprehensive report including charts, measures, recommendations and an action plan. After they compiled their report they reviewed it with us. They even sketched out a complicated insulation scenario and faxed it to us later. They provide a list of recommended contractors for services (no kickbacks, just solid, reliable companies.) We contacted several for insulation estimates, and ended up going with one of their recommendations. When the contractors came out to give us estimates, we showed them the concise action plan provided to us by eZing. The action plan was a great tool to use to communicate with the contractors. After we got the estimates we sent them back to John and Cheryl for review. The insulation contractors we went with did a great job. They also performed a before and after blower door air leakage test. We realized a large reduction in air leakage - almost 50% - from insulation alone. We couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend hiring eZing.

Julie B.

The eZing team was excellent. Absolutely no stone was left unturned, and Cheryl made sure that I understood what the various parts of the (extremely comprehensive!!) report meant. She also went over several particular trouble spots with me, and even showed me how I could make some of the fixes myself. When she was done, Cheryl showed me a list of contractors that I might want to call to ask about having necessary work done. And this was an important bit for me -- some other energy audit companies also provide insulation or other services themselves. On the one hand, this type of "one-stop shop" is really convenient, but I wondered if I'd be questioning their objectivity. With eZing, they have no relationships with contractors, and make it clear that the lists they provide are simply a service, and encourage you to search outside that list if you wish. I am extremely glad that we decided to do an energy audit, and that we went with eZing. We had been trying fix after fix to try to increase the efficiency of our heating and cooling, but we never really knew what we were doing... Just by telling us what would and would not help, eZing already saved us as much money as we would have spent trying our next fix, and I have every confidence in their objective analysis of our house's needs. I can't recommend this process or this company highly enough!

Sarah, Chicago

We recently had a comprehensive home energy audit performed by eZing. After evaluating a variety of vendors, eZing had the best and most comprehensive approach for evaluating our home energy efficiency as well as diagnosing problem areas where cold pockets and drafts make life unpleasant. The audit was performed in a highly professional manner and was thorough and comprehensive. The report was clear and easy to understand even for people without construction experience. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for, and the eZing audit delivered value far beyond what they charged. I would highly recommend eZing.


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